Milk can be frozen with the exception of PhysiCAL milks, Buttermilk and unhomogenised milks such as Pauls Pure Organic (unhomogenised).

Milk must be thawed slowly and completely in the refrigerator and consumed within a few days of thawing. Pauls Thickened & Pure Cream may be frozen but not Pauls Dollop cream or Sour Creams.

Pauls Custards may also be frozen but it is important to note all products frozen must be thawed in the refrigerator.

Safe Storage of Dairy products

Milk is an item that most of us drink everyday, however there are some simple, but necessary rules for the safe storage of milk.

  • Get our dairy product into the fridge quickly after purchase. Keep time out of the fridge to a minimum and use an insulated container for example, an esky for transportation.
  • Always store dairy products below 4°C. Check your fridge from time to time to make sure it is running at 4°C or less.
  • Don’t store dairy products in the door of your fridge. The door can be as much as 6°C warmer than the rest of the fridge.
  • Minimise exposure to light. Excessive exposure to direct sunlight and artificial light can cause an oxidised (tainted)flavour in milk.
  • Store dairy products away from strong smelling foods, as dairy products can absorb aromas.
  • Store milk in an upright position at all times. This helps prevent any leakages of dairy products.