White Ribbon Australia

White Ribbon is Australia’s only national, male-led campaign which recognises the positive role that men play in putting an end to men’s violence against women. It fosters and encourages male leadership in the prevention of violence against women, based on the understanding that most men are not violent.

The campaign works through primary prevention initiatives including awareness raising, education, programs with youth, schools, workplaces, and across the broader community.

Parmalat has been working with White Ribbon since 2015, when the Women in Parmalat chose to support this cause by holding fundraising drives and raising awareness of how Parmalat and its staff could make a real difference.


In November 2017, this commitment was taken a step further to gain White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation. All Parmalat and Lactalis Group companies in Australia are now official White Ribbon Workplaces, the first of any FMCG companies in Australia to be awarded this important accreditation.


With this accreditation, we’ve adapting our organisational culture, practices and procedures so that they actively promote safe workplaces for women and respectful relationships.


Violence against women is a serious, prevalent and preventable issue in Australia. Violence against women – whether it occurs in or beyond the workplace – impacts on the health and safety of employees, their wellbeing and their productivity. It impacts negatively on workplace culture, organisational reputation and bottom-line profit and loss.


You can find out more about White Ribbon and the White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation Program at www.whiteribbon.org.au

St Vincent de Paul Society

An association which began with one employee “sleeping rough” for the night, has morphed into a significant partnership between ‘Vinnies’ and Parmalat.

National Demand and Supply Planning Manager Patrick Vialle was the first to engage with Vinnies, participating in the CEO Sleepout in 2012. “The event was confronting and interesting to me. I wanted to do more for people in need in the community,” he said.

From that night onwards, Parmalat staff started putting their hands up to get involved in different Vinnies’ activities and initiatives, their enthusiasm underpinned by the company’s strong commitment to team engagement.

“Vinnies provides so many “user friendly” activities – for example the clothing drives,” Patrick said. “There’s always more than enough volunteers internally who want to be a part of it. And the greater the depth of involvement, the more energy it creates within the company.”

Parmalat has participated in successful clothing drives, the Christmas giving tree, a fundraising raffle, helped out at the Vinnies Sumner Park warehouse sorting clothes, and taken part annually at the Vinnies CEO Sleepout.  Indeed CEO Craig Garvin continued this commitment when he participated in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout in 2013 – with the 1083 CEO’s collectively raising $5.6 million.

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Ronald McDonald House Charities

Parmalat has had a long running association with Ronald McDonald house, supporting the organization through our annual Charity Golf Day.

Like our association with St Vinnies, the relationship began not at a corporate level, but via the energy and enthusiasm of a couple of Parmalat team members - Karen Abell and Andrew Lynch. Ronald McDonald House had been planning to invest in a large commercial refrigerator where families living in the house could store their food. However Karen and Andrew went a step further, rallying the support of Parmalat’s generous suppliers to design, fund, and install a purpose built cold room facility.

That was almost five years ago. Since that initial involvement, Parmalat, through the Golf Day program, has donated well in excess of $350,000, helping RMC provide for and support families whose lives have been upended by cancer.

"As a business community we all acknowledge the importance of helping out," Parmalat CEO of Australasia, Craig Garvin said. "But it’s not until you sit down with individual families and hear their stories that you fully appreciate the gravity of those charitable endeavours."

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Food Bank

For an organization like Parmalat, Corporate Social Responsibility plays out in many different ways.

It can mean respecting and protecting the environment, or acting with integrity while conducting business with our suppliers.  Or it can involve supporting our farmers, during extreme weather events, such as floods or droughts, like we did in Queensland after the dramatic floods of 2011. Similarly in Victoria, where our three year milk supply agreement guaranteed a minimum farm gate price that protected our suppliers from the massive decline in milk price during the 2016/17 season.

All of these business practices are part of who we are as a business, and how we want to be regarded in the community. They demonstrate true social responsibility.

But just recently, the impact of another of our important CSR platforms was showcased, in the delivery of the Foodbank annual report.

As many of the Parmalat team would be well aware, we have actively supported this well respected charitable organisation for a number of years via the donation of fresh milk, yoghurt and desserts.

However the recent report highlighted not only the volume of this support, but the impact it had in the community.

Over the course of the calendar year, Parmalat donated 1.25 million kg worth of product, which equated to 2.25 million meals. But perhaps the most astonishing figure was the “social return”, which Foodbank calculated at $28.7 million.

“Social return” points to the multiplier effect of fresh milk (and other nutritional foods) being provided to members of the community who otherwise, would go without.  The health implications (physical, and in turn, emotional and social) are enormous. Good nutrition in the community relieves pressure on the public health and welfare services.

For the first time this year, our support extended into the Northern Territory, with the donation of 20,000 litres of fresh milk in 2016, significantly assisting the local Darwin Foodbank team.

As a business, we can all feel justifiably proud of the role we play in supporting Foodbank’s profound impact in the community.

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